Warm welcome:

Bendfab Pipe & Tube Inc. combines craftsmanship with state of the art equipment to bring its customer’s high-quality pipe and tube bending from small to medium to large scale manufacturing industries. As a result, a growing clientele of companies is happy with not only our service but also the convenience and reliability we provide. Please consider this letter as an invitation to your company’s goals. At Bendfab, we extend a warm traditional welcome and guarantee that we will do our utmost to deliver the level of quality and dependability that has earned us a good reputation amongst our existing customers.


Cold bending has replaced stampings, castings, forgings, and weldments with smooth, strong low-cost bends and facilitates savings of thousands of dollars. Our NC and CNC bending machines combine with our expertise are supportive of our goal for providing precision pipe and tube bending.

Our 6” NC Tube bender and 3 CNC high volume production-bending machines were added to meet the growing needs of customer demands. These CNC machines are equipped with multi-stack tooling and double head rotation for left and right bending directions. Also, push roll bending can be accomplished which is a large radius adjoining a small thigh radius bend.

Bendfab has invested in state of the art tooling to bend aluminium rectangular tubing both hard and easy way, our in-house tooling for bending structural aluminium rectangular and mild steel tubing ranges from 2” x 2”, 2” x 4″, 2” x 6”, and 2” x 8” rectangular tubing. This bending system incorporates hydraulically clamping dies, ball type mandrels and wiper dies to produce a smooth radius profile.

Also, we provide bending services to manufacturers of custom aluminium stand-alone and add-on greenhouses, sunrooms, commercial solariums, and atriums for a wide range of residential and commercial applications across North America. We use polycarbonate roof panels and poly film covering on the greenhouses we bend and fabricate which can be packaged and shipped from our facility located at 1744 Meyerside Dr., Unit 7&8, Mississauga Ontario, Canada.

Bendfab Pipe & Tube Inc.

Bendfab Pipe & Tube Inc. is a dynamic full-scale production bending company that focuses on delivering superb customer satisfaction. Our partnership type of approach allows us to collaborate with and become accountable to customers for timely, reliable, and quality delivery of products to meet their particular requirements. Prior to commencing on a project, we will discuss and understand the customer’s requirements, resolving any issue. Thereafter, the Bendfab team goes to work, taking appropriate measures to ensure that the job is done with precision and quality. In doing so, we ensure our resources, expertise, and equipment is fully harnessed to meet or exceed customer’s expectations.